I joined scouting in the US as a parent leader when my eldest son wanted to join in 1st grade as Tiger Cub.

No one else wanted to step up and lead a den – and in all honesty neither did I. I have a demanding job. I have 3 kids. We have no extended family nearby.  However, he’s my son and he wanted to join cub scouts and experience all the wonderful and exciting things that Cub Scouts get to do. How could I deny him that? I also wanted to enjoy time with my son, spending time on things he’s interested in to help him grow into the man he will become. That’s my main role as a father. To help my son grow into a man. How can he do that if I can’t be that man and show him how to lead? 
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- Scott Walker; Den 6 Leader, father of a Webelos, a Lion and a Bear Cub Scout


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