How to Register - What do you do now?  

You've met some of our Scouts, Scouters and active parents.  You've read our "Adventures in Scouting" guide for Parents/Guardians and learned more about us.  Your son wants to join!

  • The first thing you need to do to join the pack is to download a Youth Application.
  • Print it out, fill it in, then, scan in and email application to us here:, or hand it to us at a Pack meeting.  If neither option is practical, contact us by email (same address as above) and we'll make sure to get the paperwork from you.  It is still a paper-driven process, owned by the Boy Scouts of America.
  • Your son will be assigned to a Den, and the Den Leader will walk you through the rest of the process.
  • If a new Den has to be created,
    • one of the new parents will have to commit to being the Den Leader; the Cub Scouts are volunteer-driven.  The time commitment is approximately 4-5 hours per month, which breaks down as follows:
      • (2) Den Meetings a month (1 hour each)
      • Den Meeting Prep time (1 hour) -- the Boy Scouts provides leader guides where Den Meeting requirements are completely scripted.  It is up to Den Leaders to adapt those scripts to the needs of the boys in their den.
      • (1) Pack Meeting a month (1 hour each)
    • You'll need to buy yourself an Adult Leader Uniform - read about BSA Cub Scout uniforms.  (Personal funds spent on uniforms or Scouting supplies is tax deductible - here's an informal guide: "Tips for deducting Scouting-related expenses on your income tax return").
    • Don't panic!  We have Den Leaders who will help you, guide you and show you the ropes.  You'll get used to it quickly and find yourself enjoying the time spent with your son and the other boys in the den.  It's extremely rewarding.
  • We submit your application to the Patriots' Path Council, and add your information to our roster.
  • Should you decide to get more involved with our Cub Scouts Pack (as a Den Leader, Committee member, etc.) you will need to fill out and submit to us an Adult Application for yourself.  Forward the signed forms to
  • There is a fee section on the online application but please note – these are old fees and they do not cover council or insurance fees, so ignore these numbers.
  • Registration-Fees (also called Membership Dues) are paid through this TroopTrack site, but can also be paid by check if you prefer to mail one in at the time you submit your application.
  • If your scout is a new Tiger (a 1st grade student in the upcoming school year) then we will be creating a new den for your scout, and your scout will be starting his den meetings in the fall.
  • There is a NEW class of Cub Scout - the Lions!  This is where your son will be if he is a Kindergarden student in the upcoming school year.  You can read the news about this new program here: Lion Program will bring Scouting to Kindergarten Boys.
  • You can join anytime of year -- his den leader will get him caught up with the rest of his assigned den.
Once your scout's application is received, your Den-leader will be informed that you are joining, and then send you an invitation to the pack website, along with more information about your den.

Membership Dues

  • The membership fee covers your pack dues, insurance, and all local and national fees, and once you have paid this your son is a scout, and can participate in all our pack and den activities.
  • The pack's registration fee for 2015/2016 was $100 for the year.  Additionally, each den will usually have a small operating fee too (normally around $20). 
  • The fee can be mailed with your application (address above) - or you can use Paypal or your credit card at this link: Warren Cub Scouts Pack 182 Annual Membership Dues


  • The pack keeps its calendar online at this site, which is also available via "iCal feed." (For inclusion in your gmail or Outlook calendar, for example).


  • Review the content at this page -- New Scouting Families Information -- where you'll find information on Cub Scout uniforms, the Boys Life magazine, and more.
  • Help us lead the Pack!  Here is the Adult Application.  (Note: There are *5* places on the forms for the adult applicant to sign, in order to complete the application.)  Definitions of the various positions in the pack's leadership committee can be found here.

More information

  • You can learn more about Pack 182 here at our FAQ page – uniform, outings, camping, and many other scout facts.
  • Thank you again for your interest in scouting!
  • We hope you and your scout enjoy the adventure.