"Many hands make light work." - "Beves of Hamtoun" ~ c.1300.
  • Where is the flyer?
  • What are the dates?
    • Monday April 3 through Saturday April 22.
    • The last day, April 22 is Warren's Earth Day event at the Municipal Grounds, where we will be prepared to collect books as well.

  • Why a Book Drive?
    • Warren educators still end up buying books and supplies for their rooms out of their own pockets.
    • March is about the time of year when the kids have read all or most of the books in the classroom libraries, and they need more.
    • The Cub Scouts need something to do that is worthwhile and with impact they can see.
    • Parents collect books at home, and then have to get rid of them somehow to clear space.
    • Hopefully  this takes away some burden from our teachers, gives the Scouts (and their familes) something to do they can be proud of, is good for community service and helps families clear out some space.

  • Why do this at all?
    • "Scouting  is Doing," it's not meant to be a drop-off play-date.  This is part of  the structured activities we want for our kids, to help them grow and  find their place in their community.

  • Are the schools aware?
    • Yes!   I first spoke to Central School Principal Mrs. Ali Tugya and ALT Principal Ms. Christine Smith, who shared the idea with Mt. Horeb School Principal Mr. Scott Cook and Woodland School Principal Mr. Jeff Heaney.  With their approval, the idea was presented to Superintendent Dr. Mingle, who  approved the project.

  • Who is collecting the books?
    • The principals identified a contact person for each school who can be contacted by anyone with questions.
    • The flyer encourages people to bring books to the drop-off location at each school, and to call ahead if the  delivery is more than what a single person can carry in a bag.
    • The schools will keep the books and provide a location to store them temporarily until they are sorted by the Pack 182.

  • Where do the books go?
    • The principals picked a location for the drop-off box at each school - these are listed on the flyer.
    • Boxes are clearly marked with a print-out of the flyer.

  • What happens at the end of the book drive?
    • Books will be sorted to eliminate books in poor condition or that are inappropriate (either because of reading level or content).
    • Books that are Young Adult or higher can be offered to the Warren Middle School and WHRHS.
    • Old books in bad condition or with inappropriate content are headed for recycling.
    • Text books could be offered to schools, but are also probably headed for recycling. Our K-5 schools don't need them.
    • We leave the school with stacks of books, and they figure out internally how to distribute them to their classrooms.

  • What happens if we get a lot of books?
    • If we get so many books that the schools can't take anymore, we can donate to other local schools or worthy community organizations, at the discretion of each school's administration.

  • Why just books?  Why not other supplies too?
    • That was the decision of the principals - they would like to see how this  works out, and expanding to include school supplies is something we can bring up again in the future.
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